Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This 55 word story on Twitter got me thinking...and writing....

And since writing is something that I used to find so cathartic, something I haven't done in a while...I thought I'll take off from some of the older words in the 55 word blog and make my own stories...

They are not in 55 words. Given to over-the-top expressions, I have never done well with these are just my they come

You always had things easy, your own way. You knew you would just have to ask - and I would say yes. You just had to look - and I would close my eyes to everyone else. And I? I thought it was meant to be. That you and I were destiny.

Turned out, you just wanted a bit of me. And when you were done, you threw that part away and never looked back. It was a happy coincidence then that I had already been in pieces when you had first walked in.

After all, you always liked things easy.