Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's more important...the nature of love or the depth of it? I mean, would you rather have someone love you intensely, with an all consuming passion, but with no patience or sensitivity...or would you rather have someone be gentle, kind and good...and love you sure...but not as deeply and crazily and passionately as you would want them too...are these two feelings mutually exclusive? or can one naturally follow the other??

If it was a question of either or, would you be satisfied with hearing a 'I love you too' every time you said those three words on your own...or would you want to hear him or her say "I love you" at every possible occasion to you?? Does this demarcation divide the feelings inside as well? Is love different depending on the order of the words? Or are we over- dependent on the concept of perfect symmetry in a world that is so randomly out of order??

Monday, July 5, 2010

Something I had written a very very long time back...

conversations, secrets, realizations,
intimacy, revelations - a book turning its pages for you
learning to read what lies between the lines
learning to match the rhythm - making poetry together

holding hands - secretly, awkwardly
the first step towards intimacy - the final in friendship
not acknowledging the touch
feeling nothing but togetherness

a kiss - under the tree, in the rain
the warmth of lips
shivering - from the cold
eyes closed - from the lashing drops
and the magic of the moment